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开始时间:2014年05月29日 13:00
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6月15日CPAC会议大厅初赛 总决赛将在6月21日华夏节上举行

CelebrateCanada! Happy Summer! 一年一度由加拿大中国专业人士协会(CPAC) 举办、加拿大多元文化民间艺术协会协办的华夏节是华人社区最大的户外狂欢节。今年华夏节将在6月21日(周六),于McNicoll夹Birchmount 的L’Amoreaux公园(L’AmoreauxSports Complex, Parkland, Picnic Area A & Shelter, 300 Silver Springs Blvd.Toronto)举行,预计将会有超过数千人参加。

与往年活动一样,今年的CPAC华夏节仍设有青少年才艺比赛,为青少年朋友们搭建一展示才艺的舞台。比赛内容多样、形式不拘,歌唱、器乐、舞蹈、武术均可。 所有通过初选,参加决赛的选手都将获得奖状;冠、亚、季军将获得奖杯。

青少年才艺比赛决赛将在6月21日第十一届CPAC华夏节当天举行,初赛将于6月15日(周日)在CPAC会议大厅(4150Finch Ave East, Toronto ON M1S 3T9, Finch & Midland)举行。报名或查询请电:416-733-4644,电邮: 。


Now Open For Registration: Youth TalentContest of 2014 CPAC Summer Festival

Celebrate Canada! Happy Summer! TheChinese Professionals Association of Canada (CPAC) is hosting the 11th annual Summer Festival on June 21st at the L’Amoreaux SportsComplex, Parkland, Picnic Area A & Shelter (300 Silver Springs Blvd.Toronto Ontario). Over thousands of people are expected to join this familyevent.

CPAC Summer Festival is a one-day, multi-function event with variousperformances and activities. All the activities are connected to addressdifferent ethnic and Canadian cultural heritage while working toward a commonobjective ? celebrations that contribute to building a sense of pride andbelonging to Canada and appreciation of the diversity in the community.

A Youth Talent Contest will be co-organized by Multi-Culture & Folk ArtsAssociation of Canada, with the final showdown at center stage at SummerFestival on June 21st. One audition will be held at CPAC Conference Hall (4150Finch Ave East, Toronto ON M1S 3T9, Finch & Midland) on June 15(Sunday),and singing, dancing, musical acts, Kung Fu, and all other kinds of talents arewelcome to participate and show. All the participants that make it to the finalcontest compete for trophies, and will get will get a certificate ofparticipation.

The Youth Talent Contest is now open to register. Please call416-733-4644, or email to for enquiryand registration.

2014 CPAC Summer Festival is also on the process of recruiting exhibitors. For moreinformation, please visit .